Guidelines & Criteria | Asia Risk Awards 2021

What the judges are looking for:
These awards are decided by the editors and journalists of and Asia Risk magazine.
The judging process is split into three parts:

  • Submission of pitch documents
  • Off-the-record meetings
  • Due diligence on shortlisted candidates

There's no minimum or maximum length for the submissions (pitches can be as short as two pages, or as long as twenty). There's also no set structure or format - it is an opportunity for you to tell us why you deserve to win. Most pitching firms will be asked to set aside time for an off-the-record meeting, which plays a far bigger part in determining the eventual winners.
We are looking for innovation and creativity from applicants, in how you address the challenges you face in trading and risk management, and in how you address the challenges facing your clients.
Submissions should include case studies and examples of best practice or key deals where possible.
Key judging criteria:

  • Innovation: looking beyond the ordinary in approaching existing or new business opportunities.
  • Risk management: a clear demonstration of the sound risk management practices that lie beyond the innovation.
  • Client references and feedback: how well innovations meet client needs, including satisfaction of customer service.
  • Cross-asset structuring: mobilisation of the global markets business to move beyond a single asset class.

How does the awards process work?

Submissions are now open and will close on June 11. The editorial team will then make a shortlist of the top candidates in each category to interview. 
A second round of interviews, encompassing client references where possible, will follow before the winners are announced in September.

Guidelines & Criteria - Asia Risk Technology Awards 2021


The ARTAs will be decided by a panel of judges, selected by the editors of Asia Risk. The panel includes technology users, risk management practitioners and members of the editorial team.

How to enter:

Entries must answer three questions:

  • How do you meet the industry's needs in this category? 
  • What differentiates you from other vendors?
  • How has your product/service changed over the past 12 months? 

Entries should also seek to support their claims with client names, numbers or testimony. This is not compulsory, but judges often give greater weight to entries that contain this information.

Candidates are free to submit additional material in support of their entries - presentations, product brochures, technical specifications, white papers etc.

Who can enter?

Each category relates to a broad industry need. Any firm with a product or service that attempts to meet that need is eligible to enter.

We deliberately do not provide tight eligibility criteria, or seek to use existing vendor market segments.

In some cases, judges may decide a particular nominee is better suited for a category other than the one that was originally entered. Judges may move entries from one category to another at their discretion and entrants will be made aware of this.