Thank you for joining Asia Risk Awards 2016


What the judges are looking for
A doom-laden start to the year on the region's equity markets has made it difficult for structurers but with necessity driving invention we are hoping to see what clever ideas were put in place to navigate such choppy waters. Risk management skills were put to their maximum test and this year's winners will have had innovative ways to cap their downside.landscape-webb

The Bank of Japan's move into negative rates in January showed that central banks are still capable of surprises and the knock-on effect on the credit and rates sectors in the region's largest derivatives markets has been huge. How did your firm react to this? China has continued to fascinate - last year it dominated the equity categories: will the same be true in 2016.

Finally the commodities markets have been on a downward ride - both iron ore and oil prices have continued to be weak, causing problems for producers and opportunities for consumers. How well did your shop manage this conditions?

Funky investment products are always interesting but remember Asia Risk also covers hedging - the winner in most categories will need to demonstrate fluency in hedging for end users as well as structuring. If you just enter a list of structured products don't expect to find yourself collecting an award in October.

Finally - for the asset class, Asia-ex Japan, regional and Japan house of the year awards, client references are the main difference between winning and losing. What do your end-users think of your work?

This year includes one new category: asset manager of the year. This is open to any buyside player that uses derivatives to hedge or to structure their books. We encourage banks to nominate their clients in this category.

Good luck - and see you in Singapore.

How does the awards process work?
Submissions open on June 6 and close on July 6. The editorial team will then make a shortlist of the top two or three candidates in each category to interview.

A second round of interviews, encompassing client references, will follow before the winners are announced in the first week of September.

The awards ceremony will take place in Singapore on 6 October.

What should submissions contain?
Please keep entries brief - a maximum of four pages of A4, including case studies that demonstrate your structuring and hedging capabilities over the last 12 months. Please make sure both aspects feature - submissions based purely around structured investment products will be at a disadvantage.

The awards will look at activity conducted between June 2015 and July 2016.