Basel III speakers

Workshop Speakers

Puay Tin Teo

Executive Director CIB Structural Initiatives


Teo Puay Tin, Executive Director, Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) Structural Initiatives

Teo Puay Tin is a treasury professional with more than 15 years of industry experience in financial services. She is currently in the Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) Structural Initiatives team within Standard Chartered, which focuses on driving business led responses to regulatory and market structure changes.  Prior to her current role, she was responsible for optimizing trading book funding costs, engaging Treasury and Financial Markets on balance sheet priorities and providing treasury training to Country CEOs and CCROs.

Rajesh Surendiran

Head, Liability & RWA Optimisation


I am responsible for balance sheet optimization for Group’s Transaction Banking business in areas like RWA, liquidity, revenues, client ret

3 years of Transaction Banking experience including strong understanding of Trade product capabilities (documentary and open account products including Receivable Services, LC, Guarantees, Supply Chain Finance, Export/Import Financing) and end to end client process

12 years capital, liquidity, risk management and balance sheet optimization experience covering origination, structuring, Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP), modeling, RWA optimization

6 years high potential stretched leadership experience including interacting with senior management and diverse internal stakeholders

Expertise in untangling and understanding complex capital (Basel III, CRR, CRD IV)/liquidity regulations (LCR, NSFR) and devising strategies based on business/client impact