Thank you for joining Asia Risk Congress 2017

Thank you for joining us at the 13th annual Asia Risk Congress in Singapore on the 26th of September.

We hope you found the discussions insightful and that you had an enjoyable and fruitful time meeting industry peers.

We look forward to seeing you all at 2018 Congress!

Key stories from the 2017 Congress

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Asia's leading risk and derivatives Congress

Asia Risk is delighted to present the annual Asia Risk Congress, Asia's leading risk management, derivatives and regulation event.

The Congress consistently delivers cutting-edge insights and intelligence on the latest financial innovations, risk management strategies, tech advances and regulatory developments.

Asia Risk Congress 2017 will be held in Singapore for the third time and will bring together regulators and financial industry leaders from across Asia-Pacific to provide an unparalleled insight into what is happening at the cutting edge of risk management and regulation.


Analysis for Asia's risk and derivatives professionals

The Asia Risk Congress brings together senior professionals from major regional and global financial institutions and regulators to investigate the latest investment strategies adopted by banks and institutional investors in the region and analyse the impact of global regulatory reforms.

The Congress is dedicated to informing risk and finance professionals to understand the challenges of risk management today and provides an unparalleled insight into what is happening at the cutting edge of risk management and regulation across the region.

Asia Risk Congress

Vibrant meeting place for finance and risk practitioners

Each year Asia Risk Congress provides platform for leading risk professionals to meet and discuss mitigating investment risks in a volatile market, enhancing risk management strategies across credit, market, liquidity, and regulatory risks, and regulatory reforms across financial markets.

Join over 500 delegates from across the financial industry spectrum to discuss top-of-mind issues for risk professionals, anticipate emerging risks, and share innovative strategies, skills, and resources to succeed in a challenging market.