Private event at Asia Risk Congress (13.40-15.50)
Date: Tuesday 26 September
Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Please join Asia Risk, Premia Partners and its senior advisor, Dr. Jason Hsu, for an afternoon seminar exploring the latest trend in finance - smart beta - and its applications beyond developed markets.

Dr. Jason Hsu has been at the forefront of smart beta research for over a decade and a half and will discuss his latest thoughts on what smart beta is and isn't, how it holds up beyond US markets and whether or not it can be used by investors in China and broader Asia.

The seminar will also cover smart beta applications, its pros and cons vs both traditional beta and active management, as well as the latest trends in smart beta products. If you are an investor looking to implement factors in China or Asia, or a product selector looking to better understand the role smart beta can play on your product shelf, please join us to hear from experts in the smart beta field.

On behalf of Asia Risk and Premia Partners, I am delighted to invite you to attend the exclusive private event: Smart Beta beyond DM being held during the afternoon session at the Asia Risk Congress on the 26h of September at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.



 Welcome remarks

David Lai, Partner and co-Chief Investment Officer, Premia Partners


Factor robustness around the world and anomalies in Chinese A-shares

Dr. Jason Hsu, Chairman & CIO, Rayliant Global Advisors and vice chairman of Research Affiliates


Active vs Smart Beta in Emerging Markets


Mauro Cesa, Quant Finance Director, Risk.net


Dr. Jason Hsu, Chairman & CIO, Rayliant Global Advisors
David Lai, Partner and co-Chief Investment Officer, Premia Partners

Kinger Lau, Chief China Equity Strategist, Macro Research, Goldman Sachs

Michael Preiss, Executive Director, Client Investments, Taurus Family Office


Wrap-up: a recap & examples of smart beta solutions to EM-specific problems

Aleksey Mironenko, Partner & Chief Distribution Officer, Premia Partners

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Premia Partners is an investment manager dedicated to Asia ETF & smart beta investment solutions. We founded the firm on 3 core beliefs:

  1. There is enormous scope for innovation in Asian ETFs and opportunities to introduce global best practice to the region
  2. Asian investors shouldn't have to trade in New York or London to find the best products the ETF industry has to offer
  3. Asian investors deserve better solutions than available today and technology allows us to make them a reality

Working with leading global thinkers and institutions, our goal is to be a trusted ETF partner for investors by providing best-in-class ETFs, a range of ETF tools and solutions, and an efficient technology platform that enriches and empowers our partners and investors in Asia and for Asia.

We are focused on 2 main businesses to start:

  1. Creating best-in-class Asia listed ETFs that deliver Asia exposures not available today
  2. Solving the complexity of the global ETF industry for Asian clients