Asia Risk Congress




Opening remarks

Blake Evans-Pritchard, Deputy Bureau Chief, Asia, RISK.NET


Welcome remarks

Tan Boon Gin, Chief Executive Officer, SGX RegCo


Keynote address

Eric Pan, Director, Office of International Affairs, U.S. COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION


Regulatory dialogue: Strengthening financial market resilience through cross-border regulatory cooperation

  • Managing the complex landscape of industry and country risk in the Asian financial markets
  • Latest development in the Basel Committee's regulatory efforts
  • Latest initiatives in promoting cross-border cooperation in financial market reform
  • Resilience and vigilance: Asia's perspective on regional financial cooperation
  • Scaling back of regulations and its impact on the region

Duncan Wood,
Editor-in-Chief, RISK.NET
Ephyro Luis B. Amatong,
Eric Pan, Director, Office of International Affairs, U.S. COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION
Toshio Tsuiki, Deputy Secretary General, BASEL COMMITTEE ON BANKING SUPERVISION


Morning Coffee break

Stream 1: Regulations


Presentation: A Forensic Analysis on Asset Bubbles - What Can We Learn From Past Crashes?

  • Early warning signs of asset bubbles
  • What do asset bubbles in the past tell us about Asia today
  • Who is the last (wo)man standing? Identifying banks and corporates with resilient credit fundamentals

Michelle Cheong, Director, Credit Solutions, Risk Services, S&P GLOBAL MARKET INTELLIGENCE


Presentation: Efficient MVA by Backward Differentiation

  • Initial margin (IM) and its projection to the future; MVA as a future IM interest
  • Complexity of the MVA: one needs the portfolio sensitivities calculation for each scenario and observation date
  • Particular difficulties with structured products: brute force MVA calculation time is unacceptably long
  • Known approximations to the MVA
  • A new efficient method for the exact MVA calculation based on the future differentitation
  • Numerical experiments for e Bemudan Swaption MVA: massive acceleration using the new method with respect to the brute force

Dr Alexandre Antonov, SVP Global Head Quantitative Research, NUMERIX


Presentation: Active Credit Portfolio Management Under IFRS 9

  • How the communication about the forward looking scenario is changing the ACPM practice
  • Shifting the focus from capital onto provisions and earnings volatility
  • New drivers in risk based pricing and limit settings
  • Practical solutions at point of origination

Pierre Gaudin, Senior Director, Enterprise Risk Solutions, MOODY'S ANALYTICS


Presentation: FRTB - the data challenge and impact to capital

  • Data challenges across SA and IMA
  • NMRF
    • Modellability, bucketing decisions and impact to PLA
    • Data pooling vs. own bank data
    • Modellability results analysis
    • Proxying considerations
  • Practicing considerations of data pooling
  • Increased importance of transaction data in non-FRTB use-cases

Ross Allen, Managing Director, Head of Financial Markets APAC, IHS MARKIT

Stream 2: Margin and derivatives


Panel discussion: Latest development and trends in the centrally-cleared derivatives market

  • What impacts of the latest margining rules are expected to have on the cleared markets?
  • Assessing regulations of CCPs in UK and their recognitions in EU
  • Latest development and driving force for increase in FX clearing volume
  • Technology in clearing and settlement - is Distributed Ledger Technology a revolution or evolution?
  • Latest development and priorities in CCP resolution and resiliency

Stanley Park,
Managing Director, Head of Legal - Asia Pacific Region, SCOTIABANK
Catherine Ford,
APAC Lead, Rates and FX Sales and Relationship Management, LCH
Dr Frederick Shen, Head Global Treasury Business Management Unit , OCBC

Jacky Mak, Managing Director, Clearing Division, HKEX

Liza Marchenko, Head of OTC Financials Clearing, SGX


Presentation: Current and future state of margin collateralisation

  • Collateral and margin - key concepts
  • Introduction to margin rules for uncleared derivatives
  • Global regulatory reform agenda for initial margin and variation margin
  • Current state of margin collateralisation
  • Future state of margin collateralisation: use of SMART contracts

John Ho, Head, Financial Markets, Legal, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK


Presentation: The new XVA challenge - Valuation adjustment for derivatives in the new world

  • History of XVA
  • Current market practice
  • The Bloomberg solution

Fabio Mercurio, Global Head of Quantitative Analytics, BLOOMBERG


Presentation: Automation - the key for collateral management

  • Moving from traditional product silos and manual solutions to automation
  • Standardising collateral management practices across legal, sales, middle and back offices
  • Improved data architecture to facilitate complicated trades
  • Prevalence of multi-instrument collateral management platforms

Farid Rahba, Head of Product Management for Collateral Management, MUREX

Stream 3: Future of risk technology and risk analytics


Panel discussion: Firm wide risk management achieved with artificial intelligence (AI)

  • What are the right risk frameworks appropriate to your level of automation?
  • Risk implications of using robotics - how do you control automation in the era of digitalization?
  • How can technology help you comply with new regulations?

Rich Turrin,
Chief Innovation Officer, SINGAPORE LIFE PTE. LTD.
Jamie Vachon,
Head of Information Technology, EASTSPRING INVESTMENTS
Christer Rydberg, Head of Risk Policy, SGX


Presentation: Are we ready to comply with data privacy?

In today's economy which has a heavy emphasis on technology and data, the focus on privacy is ever increasing. A string of data protection rules have been enacted and a few are in the works to be released. Come join us for a (interactive) session on understanding what are the essentials of a privacy program, how do you demonstrate compliance against these requirements in the areas of:

  • Managing your policy on the processes needed internally to comply
  • Providing business and IT context to those processes
  • Providing a central repository for Privacy regulations and remediation activities
  • Automating the process of impact assessments and data breach reporting to regulators

James Fong, RSA Archer GRC Solution Leader, Asia-Pacific & Japan, RSA


Presentation: Mitigating cloud computing risk with effective third party management

  • Best practices in collaborating with cloud services to prevent unauthorized access to customer and business data
  • What steps can be taken to ensure the security, character and reputation of your cloud service provider?
  • The latest data security regulations and the importance of your cloud service maintaining compliance
  • Once your firm's business/customer data is in the hands of a vendor, who owns the data and what does a potential breach to their system mean to your business?


Presentation: Unstructured data, AI and risk: You can run but you cannot hide

  • We do not have a wholistic view of risk because we rely solely on numbers to quantify risk
  • AI will give us a new tool for analysing understnading risk in our portfolios and our client's risk tolerances
  • AI is already on trading desks generate profits and will come to risk desks
  • Live demo

Rich Turrin, Chief Innovation Officer, SINGAPORE LIFE PTE. LTD.




Panel discussion: Navigating the new margin requirements

  • Assessing the post variation margin derivatives market
  • Implementation considerations and challenges
  • Post Initial Margin phase in - what are the outstanding issues?
  • Efficiency and control in margin call, collateral posting and administration

Duncan Wood,
Editor-in-Chief, RISK.NET
David James Brown,
Benjamin Deng, Head of Group Investment Solutions & Derivatives, Group Investment, AIA GROUP
Nick Horn, Senior Financial Risk Advisor, SUNCORP GROUP
Joe Streeter, Core Collateral Management Product Manager, BLOOMBERG


Panel discussion: Effective investment strategies to balance risk and returns in volatile markets

  • What are the top external factors that institutional investors are wary of?
  • Asset allocation and product strategies in a low return and volatile market
  • The 'new' wave of outward foreign direct investment:
    addressing the key drivers behind the shift
  • Do alternative assets diversify portfolio risks or do they entail more risks?

Jochen Markus Schmitmann,
Resident Representative, Singapore, INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND
Benjamin Deng, Head of Group Investment Solutions & Derivatives, Group Investment, AIA GROUP
Aman Dhingra, Head of Advisory, Singapore, UNION BANCAIRE PRIVÉE
Robert Samson, Senior Portfolio Manager, NIKKO ASSET MANAGEMENT


Afternoon coffee break


Panel discussion: Key investment strategies for the future: ESG and alternatives

  • Investing in a low return, high risk environment - risk and opportunities
  • Trends in alternative investments: hedge funds and private equity investment
  • How are pension funds and other institutional investors using alternatives?
  • Outlook on trends in ESG investment in Asia - techniques and analytic tools
  • Latest efforts in aligning factor and exposures to target sustainable returns

Sean Ahn,

Franck Fayard, Director, Head of Product Engineering, COMMERZBANK

Pranay Gupta, Managing Director, ALLOCATIONMETRICS LIMITED; Research Consultant, Camri, NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE

Han Yik, Head of Institutional Investors, WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM LLC

Huang Chaoni, Director, Green and Sustainable Solutions, Investment Banking, Asia Pacific, NATIXIS


Panel discussion: China's growing influence on Asian financial markets

  • Asian equities market and China's interbank bond market- developments and opportunities
  • Assessing the latest market development, policy reform and challenges in Chinese markets
  • Managing liquidity and volatility in China investments
  • Index innovation - what's in it for investors?
  • Looking beyond the potential benefits of increased demand for China A-shares ahead of the major index changes

Sailesh Jha,
David Lai,
Partner and co-Chief Investment Officer, PREMIA PARTNERS
Manish Singhai, Head-Asian Equities, TOKIO MARINE ASSET MANAGEMENT
Victoria Mio, Chief Investment Officer, Fund Manager, ROBECO CHINA EQUITIES FUND
Janice Kan, Senior Vice President, Derivatives, SGX


Closing remarks and end of congress